Coins are our virtual currency rewards for tasks completed on our website, which can be converted into real money, received by payment methods offered on our website.

You can receive coins by completing offers, watching videos or by visiting websites, social exchange, provided by different advertisers on this website.

You are allowed to register and use just one account. If you register more than 1 account, we will disable all your accounts!
Note: we do not allow a member to refer themselves. We reserve the right to discontinue a particular account's referrals if we determine that it is violating our policies.

After you place a withdrawal request, you will get paid in maximum 5 - 10 working days!

Big brands and companies always want more consumers to know of their upcoming releases, products, and services. They need people like you to watch their content, and also share it with friends online. When you watch these videos and engage with the content, watchcruiz gets paid and we share a portion of the earnings with you.

New videos daily. From music videos to adverts and comedy videos, trending news topics. etc

How to create a new campaign?

1. Create and have a Watchcruiz account, buy coins, then click on add page enter the page URL and select the targeting options.

2. Pay for the amount of views you have ordered.

3. After you placed your order, your page will be automatically shown to our users.
5. You can then be able to see all the statistics and campaign progress in your Analytics.